“a three pronged approach” and “none of the above”

I have 4 lines of work

1   Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestlers- abstracted figurative work showcasing the amazing positions and wonderful camaraderie of this amazing local sport

2   Geometry- making art of geometric pattern and rule

3   Lighthouses – more representational work showing what i love about lighthouses

4   None of the above- anything else that interests me and stays still for long enough


I have nearly always lived in in the north of England- mainly in Cumbria but also a few years in Yorkshire. I was a chartered surveyor for many years and started painting when I left surveying.

I am drawn to buildings and structures and places of solitude and I am inspired by geometric form and movement. See my news page for the latest on my projects.



All my work is copyright and cannot be reproduced, downloaded or copied in any way or any media without my written agreement. Please contact me for further information if you are interested in copying my work.